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PHP Lehigh Valley

PHP Lehigh Valley

Recovery Cove offers the best PHP in Lehigh Valley with a dedicated and experienced team of clinicians. Our integrated treatment approach and personalized healing programs can prepare you for lasting success with sobriety.

What Is The Difference Between Outpatient And PHP Treatment?

Outpatient treatment refers to receiving addiction care and support on an outpatient basis. It is the cheapest addiction treatment option and offers the lowest level of care. Outpatient therapy is ideal for those dealing with moderate addiction disorders or those looking for a step-down level of care following inpatient or IOP treatments. These programs engage you in several hours of counseling, psychotherapy, and group therapy treatments. You only have to attend outpatient treatment for addiction recovery, 1-2 hours a day, 5-6 days a week.

On the other hand, PHP treatment is ideal for those who need a more structured treatment for addiction recovery. Partial hospitalization programs also include medical detox alongside counseling and psychotherapy. These programs are ideal for those suffering from moderate to severe drug and alcohol addiction disorder.

Speak to a treatment provider at some of the top-rated addiction recovery care facilities to choose a healing program that works best for you. As one of the leading addiction treatment centers, we offer the best outpatient and PHP programs at affordable prices.

Pros And Cons Of PHP Treatment

PHP or partial hospitalization treatment refers to attending rehab treatment for several hours a day but getting to stay at home during recovery. Let's check the program's pros and cons to help you understand what to expect.

The Pros Of PHP Treatment

  • PHP is a day treatment program, which means you can return home after rehab every day. The ability to stay in the comfort of your home during recovery can help you feel more in control, independent, and safe.
  • It can help you heal and recover with the love and support of your family members and loved ones.
  • PHP treatment is much cheaper than inpatient treatment and offers the second-best care and support after residential rehab. You may incur very few costs out of pocket if you have insurance.

Cons Of PHP Treatment

  • The fact of staying at home during PHP can backfire if you lack a great support system to assist during recovery.
  • You may feel bombarded by triggers and stressors at home, the workplace, etc. You may not be able to focus on addiction treatment or recovery.

The pros of PHP treatment outweigh the cons, making it one of the safest addiction treatment center programs to get sober. It can also act as a step-down level of care after inpatient treatment.

Top Reasons To Choose Us For PHP Treatment In Lehigh Valley

We are a licensed treatment center with a high success and low relapse rate. We accept all major insurance plans in PA and offer addiction treatment at affordable prices. We use a combination of evidence-based and holistic therapies alongside talk therapy to help our clients garner the best outcome in recovery.

Visit the Recovery Cove website today to sign up for our PHP in Lehigh Valley. A partial hospitalization program can help you heal from the underlying cause of addiction alongside substance abuse and help you attain improved physical, mental, and behavioral wellness. Get in touch with us today.

PHP Lehigh Valley

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