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grass fed meat MN

grass fed meat MN

All beef is not the same. The best tasting beef and the best meat for you comes from grass fed cattle. You will notice the difference in texture and taste of grass fed meat in MN. Whether you are a restaurant owner or chef who wants to prepare the best quality meat dishes for your guests or a family that wants to purchase top quality meat, the best choice is to pick beef that is grass fed.

What is Grass Fed Meat?

Grass fed meat in MN is made from cattle that have been fed exclusively on grass. Other types of processed beef are generally from cattle that have been fed from a traditional diet and may be only finished with grass feeding. Cattle are allowed to graze naturally and are not provided with unnatural substances such as hormones. Cattle that are grass fed are extremely healthy and are free to roam the ranch areas where grass is plentiful. As a result grass fed meat in MN is among the healthiest organic meat available.

Is Grass Fed Meat Healthy?

Grass fed meat in MN is healthier for you than meat from animals that have not been grass fed. Our grass fed beef is free of pesticides, antibiotics and GMOs. We ensure that the meat has a high content of protein, vitamins and minerals that make the meat extremely healthy. When you compare grass fed cattle with cattle that is raised using traditional methods you will find that grass fed meat is much better for you and your family.

Does Grass Fed Beef Taste Better?

Many people agree that grass fed meat in MN tastes better than other types of meat. The reason is that there is generally more marbling in meat from grain fed animals. This gives the meat a richer taste and a better texture. It is often recommended that you add a pat of butter to the top of your steak after cooking to give added flavor and moisture. When you bite into a steak or hamburger that is made from grass fed beef you will immediately identify the quality as being superior to that of most meat you have ever eaten.

Where Can I Buy Grass Fed Beef?

Grass fed beef is only available from select ranchers such as Churchill Reserve. Churchill Reserve beef is available for purchase online and the amount of beef is limited. Therefore, you should get your order in early for the select beef package that you prefer. Bulk quantities are available to handle all of your needs. Choose ground beef in a 24 pound case, prime packaged meats in a 100 pound case or 24 pounds of ground beef patties.

Our meat is 100 percent grass fed and naturally grazed with no antibiotics. You can reserve your box and pay online and then pick it up at the Ferndale Market in Cannon Falls. One trip to Cannon Falls can provide you with 400 meals. You will save money when you buy in bulk and can purchase steaks and roasts for the price of ground beef.

grass fed meat MN

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