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Colorado Drug Rehab Center

Colorado Drug Rehab Center

Valiant Living Detox and Assessment is a Colorado drug rehab center that is here to help in tough times. Drug addiction is a scary condition and we should know how important it is to get help. Most addicts struggle to accept and admit that they have a problem. This is the first issue that we need to get past when it comes to recovery. This is often the most difficult part of recovery. Addicts can be in denial about their problems since addiction is hard to address. Our Colorado drug rehab center is here to help you know when it is time to get help.

What is Denial

Denial is a form of self-defense in which individuals reject, ignore, or distort reality to protect themselves from having to confront the truth. Those who overuse alcohol and drugs may rely on such substances as an escape route for their emotions; denial allows them to do the same by avoiding confronting their issues directly.

While it's reasonable to want an escape from a distressing or traumatic circumstance, denial can be damaging if sustained - as it stops one from seeking the needed help and resolution. Those with substance use or alcohol use disorder may recognize how they're using drugs and alcohol but still remain in their state of refusal. Even though denial might grant short-term respite, this is ultimately not beneficial for those struggling with addiction issues.

Addiction and Denial

Addiction can be a vicious cycle that feeds on itself, as the same source of comfort and suffering serves to keep it in motion. More often than not, individuals stricken with substance abuse will remain unwilling to accept their dependency until a life-altering event takes place; this could take shape as an overdose, legal distress, or even the destruction of relationships.

How to Look out For Denial

Trying to decide if you may be in the throes of denial can be a difficult and precarious task. If someone close has suggested this, take some time away from the situation itself, so that your thinking is objective and unbiased. Analyze both large and small details related to alcohol or drug usage in your life with an open mind, without any judgment towards yourself.

Think about your drinking and substance use, particularly if you identify with the following:

  • By minimizing the impact of alcohol and drugs on your lifestyle, you can still be accountable for your duties. You may think to yourself: "Even if I oversleep after having a couple of drinks, my tasks are always accomplished."
  • Do you often compare yourself to the amount of alcohol or drugs others consume? Trying to convince yourself that your use is acceptable by saying "I don't do as much as other people"?
  • All too often, we excuse our situations by pointing the finger at others. We might think that "if my parents hadn't ____, I wouldn't be ____," or "if my job wasn't so stressful, I wouldn't need to drink so much." But blaming external factors for your issues is unproductive and won't help resolve them.
  • You might tell yourself that you are justified in having a drink as your day was lengthy, or because you achieved something difficult and need to unwind - but these excuses don't change the fact that choosing to drink can still have negative repercussions.

If the above resonates with you, then it is essential to reach out to someone who can offer guidance and support. Speaking with a reliable source or therapist will aid in recognizing denial, transforming your habits for the betterment of yourself, or even getting professional help if substance use disorder has become an issue.

We at Valiant Living understand how hard of a process this can be. We are here to listen to you and be patient with you. Our Colorado drug rehab center is a great option to consider because we take care of our patients individually and get to the root of where your addiction problem is coming from. Give us a call at 720-796-6885 or fill out our contact form today.

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Colorado Drug Rehab Center

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